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Okugema Abaana Kwabweleele

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To provide self-sustaining, affordable and equitable community-based health care services through a dedicated and professional workforce.

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Our Focus: Doing What is Truly Best for our Patients

"Anywhere else, I would have been operated on first, increasing my costs and risk for infection."
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In 2017, Dinah Egitat, was suffering tremendous abdominal pain. She chose RGHM because on it's location near her home and it's reputation. 

When she arrived, doctors examined her and diagnosed a partial obstructed bowel. RGHM performed diagnostic X-ray to evaluate the severity of the blockage and to determine in if surgery was truly necessary.


Doctors determined that the best course of treatment for Dinah would be to keep her at the hospital and give her medication. 


Dinah was at RGHM for one week and then discharged with weekly check-ups. RGHM also provided medical, physical, and spiritual counseling to not only treat the body, but improve her as a whole. 


Condition resolved and Dinah has not had any recurrence. Dinah says, "The doctors were so kind and did only what was best for me. Anywhere else, I would have been operated on first, increasing my costs and risk for infection.”

She was so impressed with the professionalism of the staff and quality of the services that RGHM is now the primary care clinic for her entire family. 

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