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Our Mobile Health Clinic

In an effort to make health care affordable and accessible for all, GHHM is taking care to where people live.  

In Uganda, the cost of transportation can be prohibitive to patients who want to seek medical care. Our Mobile Health Clinic (MHC) travels to meet the needs of it's patients. Our MHC makes trips to villages in our catchment area for healthcare education and medical check-ups. We are also available to visit local schools to administer routine medical check-ups when the new school term is opening. 

If you are interested in having the MHC visit your area, please contact us through our official hospital contacts at 0758709161 or 0701791373.

All of these services are available at Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo.

Medical exams
  • Randon Blood Sugar (RBS) tests 

  • Blood pressure (BP)

  • Hepatitis B screening and vaccinations 

  • Tetanus toxoid (TT) screening and vaccinations for teenage girls

General health education
  • HIV prevention 

  • Reducing prevalence of malaria  

  • Avoiding typhoid & cholera 

Health education for parents:
  • Proper feeding

  • Detecting when a child might be sick

  • Administering medication (ie: deworming medication)


Vaccinations (most are free): 
  • DPT/HepB (diphtheria, pertussis & tetanus / hepatitis B) 

  • BCG (tuberculosis)

  • TT (tetanus toxoid) 

  • IPV (polio) 

  • OPV (polio) 

  • HPV (human papilloma virus)

  • Rota Virus

  • PCV (pneumococcal)

  • Hep B (hepatitis B, small charge)

Optical services through our ReSpectacle program

Free eye exam and matched with a donated pair of glasses free of charge.

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